Town Highway Department


In April we picked up the new 2021 International Dump/Plow truck from Clark’s Truck Center. 

Watch for this beautiful truck on the roads of Orange and wave hello!

Call the Town Office if you would like to come see the truck in person and we will set up a time for you.


The Town of Orange Highway Department is located at 144 Richardson Road in Orange. We are dedicated to maintaining all the roads, bridges, ditches and culverts in Orange no matter what the season.

Please note, the town crew make every effort to make the roads safe and passable for cars and trucks in all seasons, but sometimes due to a variety of factors such as truck problems, severity of the weather and other things beyond our control, the road crew may not get to your road in a timely manner.  Please be patient with them. 

Please drive slowly, safely and be patient.

To report any road issues, downed signs or trees or other issues, please call and we will do the best to try and solve the issue.

Call 479-0488-town garage or 479-2673-town clerk to reach the crew

Road Foreman – John Barnes

Road Crew- Brian Smith