Posted Roads

Please see the below link regarding Posted Roads in town:

Posted Roads

Volunteers Needed!!!

Want to be involved with your town more? Well one good way to become involved is by volunteering.  The Town of Orange is looking for volunteers for several committees and you are just the person for one or more of them!

The Town of Orange is seeking volunteers for several committees that would play an important role in improving the Town’s infrastructure and providing opportunities for Town residents.  The committees would be developing plans for advancing conservation, energy, health and wellness, wastewater disposal, garden club and recreation.  Having those plans in place is advantageous or necessary when the Town applies for grants from State or federal agencies.  Priority is being placed on establishing a recreation committee as grants for outdoor recreation have been available in past years and are expected to continue.  If you are a Town of Orange resident and have an interest in volunteering please contact Angela, Town Clerk at 479-2673 during normal business hours.

Delinquent Taxes

If you have a delinquent tax payment that you would like to make please drop it in the drop box at the town clerk’s office or put it in the US Mail call 479-2673 for any questions.

Town Office Closed-Open for walk-ins! If you are a title searcher please call before to make an appointment

Please see the link below with important information regarding our office closure due to COVID-19

Did you know…..

The Line Extension Customer Assistance Program (“LECAP”) provides up to $3000 in assistance to qualifying and eligible consumers who seek to extend telecommunications lines to their homes. Hundreds of Vermonters without 25/3 Mbps broadband service live just beyond the reach of current cable and other Internet Service Providers’ networks. Check it out at the link below: 


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