Town History

Available for purchase are two books regarding the history of the town of Orange.  Stop by the Town Office for memorabilia from the Bicentennial.  We have pins and ribbons for free and Bicentennial  plates for purchase.

The Town of Orange was chartered August 11, 1781. Located in the N.W. Corner of Orange County, the town is bounded S. by Washington and Corinth; E. by Topsham, N. by Groton, Harris & Goshen Gores and Plainfield, and W. by Barre.

Orange was “largely a farming town,” when the “top population was reached in 1830 with about 1000 people and over 5000 sheep grazing on the hillsides.” The population in the 2000 census was 951. The tallest peaks in town are Knox Mt. and Butterfield Mt. both over 3000 feet tall. It was assumed that both mountains were named after the early settlers living in town.
Sources: “Vermont Historical Gazetteer” published by Miss A. M. Hemenway; “Vermont Place-Names” author Esther Munroe Swift.