Town Clerk Services

Did you know what you can do at the Town Clerk’s Office:

***Register your dog(s)

***Pick up tax forms

***Verify your address

***Pick up the World Newspaper

***Pick up the 2021 Fishing and Hunting Guides

***Find out valuable services offered in the area

***Pick up DMV Manuals

***Pick up a DMV Registration Form

***Send a fax, make a copy or pick up a copy of your tax bill for $1 per page

***Look at historic land records

***Rent the Town Hall

***Look at past meeting minutes and learn about upcoming meetings

Recording and Filing of Documents and other fees:

The Town Clerk records and files the following documents: Warranty and Quit Claim deeds (title to your property), Mortgages, Discharges of Mortgages, Powers of Attorney, Subdivision documents, plat maps, attachments and liens to your real and personal property.

New Recording and Fees as of July 2019

Notary Public Services:
There is one (1) notary public on staff.
There is no cost for this service.
You must appear in person and provide identification.
Do not sign your document(s) until you are in our office.

Green Mountain Passport:
A Green Mountain Passport is a discount program for seniors and veterans with disabilities. Holders of the passport are eligible for reduced prices on goods and services from hundreds of Vermont’s private businesses and for free admission to Vermont state parks, museums, and events which are fully state sponsored. To be eligible for a passport, a person must be: 62 years of age or more or totally disabled as a result of disease or injury suffered while serving in the armed forces or a resident of the Vermont Veterans Home in Bennington.
To receive a Green Mountain Passport, just fill out an application at your local Town Clerk’s Office and pay a $2.00 fee.