Board of Cemetery Commissioners:

Clark Agnew 479-0755

Steve Pratt 595-3445

Rodney Coronado 479-2668

Cemetery Lot Prices:

Brookhaven Lot Prices


There shall only be ONE adult burial with casket to a grave or up to two cremations.

No work will be permitted by individuals and foundations, markers and corner posts are the responsibility of the cemetery commissioners.

Foundations, markers and corner posts will be the responsibility of the Cemetery Commissioners and NO work will be allowed by individuals.

The Cemetery Commission will accept a down payment as a partial payment on the sale of a lot.  A lot must be paid for in full before a burial is permitted.

Any illegal acts done in the Cemetery, which creates an expense to the Cemetery, will be charged to the person(s) responsible for such acts.

The Town of Orange has several cemeteries.   They are directed by an elected three member cemetery commission. They are as follows: George Street, Brook Haven, Cutler Corner, Clement, Hutchinson and Peake. The only cemetery that has plots available is Brookhaven Cemetery.

The East Orange Cemetery is directed by the East Cemetery Commission.  Please contact Susan Davis at (802) 439-5103 for more information regarding this cemetery and plot availability.

Currently there are lots available for purchase at Brook Haven Cemetery.

Cemetery Commission Meeting Agendas:

March 23, 2021 Cemetery Commission Meeting Minutes Draft

March 23, 2021 Cemetery Commission Meeting Agenda

Cemetery Commission  Meeting Minutes:


Cemetery Investment Policy:

Cemetery Investment Policy

Town of Orange Cemetery Authorization by plot owners to inter:

Authorization by Owner to Inter