Burn Permits

Burn Permits:

In order to obtain a burn permit for your backyard bonfire or grass burning, please call the Town of Orange Fire Warden,  John Barnes at 439-5166 or 522-5091.  John will return your phone call, come and inspect your fire site and either approve on deny your burn permit.  Once you obtain your burn permit,  please call Lamoille County Sheriff Department’s dispatch phone number: (802) 888-3502 to let them know you have a burn permit.  No burn permit is needed if there is snow on the ground.  Check out this informational video on having a campfire and preventing grass and brush fires:

Please remember that you CANNOT burn trash in Vermont

Facts on Trash Burning

• There is a state statute that allows municipalities to issue tickets to people that violate Vermont’s trash burning law. (Title 24, Chapter 61, 24 V.S.A § 2201)  Burning Trash in Vermont

• The trash burning law has provisions for a penalty of up to $500 and/or performing community roadside cleanup by the violator. If the penalty is not paid, violators will lose their driving license for ten days and their hunting and/or fishing licenses for a period of one year.

• Trash burning, including backyard burning, refers to the burning of household trash. Trash burning includes treated wood, plastics, newspapers, electronic products, garbage, cardboard, fabrics, tires, and the like — essentially any materials that would otherwise be recycled or sent to a landfill.

• Burning household trash is illegal in Vermont. Untreated wood and other yard waste may be burned legally with a permit.