Burn Permits

In order to obtain a burn permit for your backyard bonfire or grass burning, please call the Town of Orange Fire Warden,  John Barnes at 439-5166 or 522-5091.  Once you obtain your burn permit,  please call Lamoille County Sheriff Department’s dispatch phone number: (802) 888-3502 to let them know you have a burn permit.  No burn permit is needed if there is snow on the ground.  Please remember that you CANNOT burn trash in Vermont 

Facts on Trash Burning

• There is a state statute that allows municipalities to issue tickets to people that violate Vermont’s trash burning law. (Title 24, Chapter 61, 24 V.S.A § 2201)

• The trash burning law has provisions for a penalty of up to $500 and/or performing community roadside cleanup by the violator. If the penalty is not paid, violators will lose their driving license for ten days and their hunting and/or fishing licenses for a period of one year.

• Trash burning, including backyard burning, refers to the burning of household trash. Trash burning includes treated wood, plastics, newspapers, electronic products, garbage, cardboard, fabrics, tires, and the like — essentially any materials that would otherwise be recycled or sent to a landfill.

• Burning household trash is illegal in Vermont. Untreated wood and other yard waste may be burned legally with a permit.